On Our Backs Magazine (1984-1994) A radical defense of female sexuality and its public portrayal

Time for me to return to the beginning; my beginnings in female sexuality. I was instrumental in creating and publishing On Our Backs: Entertainment for the Adventurous Lesbian (1984-1994). On Our Backs was the first modern erotic magazine created by and for women. It’s pages defined who we as women are as erotic beings: what are our fantasies, our desires, our erotic skills, and how do we communicate this? We created never-before seen photography, wrote feature articles on taboo sexual subjects, and published erotic fiction written by women for a women’s sensibility.


An article on Timeline recently appeared, remembering the cultural impact that On Oour Backs magazine had. OOB editor Susie Bright picked it up and put on her facebook, which instantly created a wonderful volley of memories and kudos from contributors to the magazine and its readers. Here below was my two cents.  After you read it, you will better understand why my first two posts could be characterized as “a radical defense of female sexuality and its public portrayal.”


Here’s what I wrote on the facebook post:


“What a fun time! Creating the images and framework of modern female sexuality!  Revolutionary, political, imaginative and all-woman-powered. Birthed in 1984, On Our Backs magazine (1984-1994) looked Orwell in the eyeball and espoused: Viva la Vulva, Baby!


Thanks for finding an OOB archive at Cornell and your indefatigable PR of OOB’s contribution to cultural change, Susie! Anthropologist Margaret Mead: “A handful of people can change a culture; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Massive kudos to all who made On Our Backs possible: the daring creative talent, brave sales, stalwart bookkeeping, methodical distribution, bold design, dauntless assistants and intrepid volunteers, and the courageous readers and supportive advertisers.


And we weren’t just print! We were a triad of lesbian sexuality creations umbrellaed by Blush Productions: On Our Backs magazine, Fatale Video and BurLEZk Live! – the weekly lesbian strip show at the local San Francisco lesbian bar (4 year run). To the BurLEZk dancers: You are Legend. You are Immortal.


Video images were created concurrently at that time via Fatale Video. Beg Nan Kinney and Christi Cassidy to get those BurLEZk striptease videos into downloads!  Watch the videos on the Fatale Media website.


Wait! More Praise and Glory! Publishers: gallant Nan Kinney and indomitable me, audacious editors Susie Bright and Marcy Steiner, fearless assistants Shar Rednour, Lulu Belliveau and Greta Christina. Providers of periodic Castro St Office recess, gratefully received, are two: son Aaron Schultz rolling Hot Wheels under around desks and jumping stairs, and unparalleled Blaise and her parties!  Oh, let’s not forget Adobe publishing and Apple computers!


In 1985, I searched out Adobe Desktop Publishing at the San Francisco Mac Expo. Their sign said: ‘Make an 8-paged newsletter on your personal computer!’ I laughed, threw down my 48 page lesbian sexuality magazine on the sales table, flipped my Fanny Fatale striptease beads at them, and said, “You can do a helluva lot more than that with it!”


May Venus Continue to Rise on this planet Gaia in all her erotic, sensuous and lusty aspects both mundane and ethereal. Whose got the torch now?”

Milking Female Ejaculate the Rough Way – Sexual Abuse?

Take a look at this so-called “female ejaculation technique,” and the plastic torso set-up – if you dare.

The disgusting display starts at minute: 34:40  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rABD8b992S8 

Sins are:

1) “Carved from porn” vulva and breast anatomy that is completely erroneous.

2) Extremely rough treatment to the female prostate and vagina akin to sexual abuse.

3) Academic who declares, “It’s all urine.” So why bother, then, with this debacle to create and emit female ejaculate on TV?

Today I drew a line in the sand.  No longer is this type of treatment of the female erotic body to be tolerated, whether the perpetrator be male, or in this case female, or displayed on a platter to us via television.

Join my campaign to write letters to the producers and directors of such horror shows. These shows have replaced intelligent, entertaining and inspiring sex education lectures, discussions and demonstrations. This is a situation not to be tolerated!

Write and tell them this is unacceptable treatment of the female erotic body. Moreover, that such treatment is tantamount to sexual abuse, and you want it off-the-air or will boycott their “television series” altogether.

I predict a wave of these shows in other European countries and in north America. Now that television has finally figured out – after 12 years – how to depict the inherently explicit nature of female ejaculation on TV, we will certainly see more  debasement of the female erotic body and her lovely feminine fountain.

PROTEST LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! The time has come. After 15 years of unfettered advancement in the bedrooms of the western world, I smell a backlash brewing.  As a feminist, my expertise is identifying acts that are demeaning to women. Speak out now for sex education to replace the breeding of ignorance by such shows, and remind everyone about respect for women and their bodies.

On behalf of the thousands of women who have learned to ejaculate and are so very happy, and so very empowered because of their ability to understand and control their own erotic bodies, we thank you for your action, NOW.  WRITE: zeghetmaar@bnn.nl   Dutch BBN show “Spuiten en Slikken” (Squirt and Swallow) aired 2015.




On the 2014 Ruling by the UK Censorship Board on Female Ejaculation

Britain Porn ProtestQuestion:  Why is Female Ejaculation Being Censored in Sex Education Videos in the United Kingdom?

Answer: The censorship is about urination, and they mistake female ejaculation for urine. Female ejaculation is an essential function of female sexuality. Therefore, the UK Censorship Board’s evaluation is deeply uneducated at this point in time. Ten short years ago, female ejaculation had not been heard of, much less understood. To even say the words “female ejaculation” in public was shocking and taboo. This ignorance still lingers today, although much progress has been made in educating the public about the facts of female ejaculation.

The recent UK Censorship Board ruling on visual images rates female ejaculation – yet again – as a porn fetish, equating it with strangulation, etc. ad nauseam!  There is no excuse for the UK Censorship Board’s ignorance! Anna Span, Britain’s top feminist porn producer, had a female ejaculation scene approved by the UK Censorship Board in 2009-2010. Therefore, a legal precedent has been made, and hence there is legal grounds to fight this anatomically incorrect ruling. I assisted Ms. Span with that victory by providing her with over thirty years of scientific research that had been done on female ejaculation via citations found in the back of my book, Female Ejaculation and the G-spot (2004, 2014 Hunter House Publishers). These anatomical and scientific facts she presented to the Board.

Sex educators understand and teach that female ejaculation is natural, and that every single woman has the anatomy to ejaculate. (Only SOME journalists, scientists and psychologist debate it, and not a few sex educators are still in the dark about the facts). Women hold back ejaculating because they think (or unconsciously feel) it is pee, and ignorance like this displayed by the UK Censorship Board does not help the matter of public awareness. I am an expert in G-spot and female ejaculation education,  and for over 14 years I have tirelessly popularized, promoted and educated the bedrooms of the western world – via my Power point lecture – about the science that had been done 30 years previous on this phenomenon, and I say this:

“Female Ejaculation is a feminine fountain, and is beautiful and natural! Female Ejaculation expresses the full erotic pleasure and power of the female erotic body, which  far exceeds the limited and adolescent connotation of the porn term ‘squirt.’  In addition, it has an important physiological purpose in health and reproduction, because female ejaculate is alkaline and therefore soothing to the urethral canal tissues. In addition, female ejaculation is prostatic fluid, and as such provides nutrients for sperm.

And why, on earth, would a motherly body NOT provide nutrients for sperm on their way to fertilize her egg?! The Victorian model of the vagina as a hostile environment for sperm has died with the 1999 forsenic and histological studies of Milan Ziviacic: The Human Female Prostate (1981-1999).

Female ejaculation is a precious experience, which modern day woman is only beginning to understand after centuries of religious hatred of the erotic body — especially the female erotic body.”

“Sex education is where you find accurate and helpful information about female ejaculation, not porn and not censorship boards.”

Deborah Sundahl, author, seminar leader and sex educator, Female Ejaculation and the G-spot ©2014

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